Concrete Elephant Stolen From Porch of Maine Home

Liz Croston of Brunswick is looking for a missing 150-pound concrete elephant, part of a pair, after it was stolen from her stoop in broad daylight.

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Police in Brunswick, Maine, are investigating an unusually weighty case.

A local woman, Liz Croston, says she is missing a 150-pound concrete elephant that she and police believe was stolen off her stoop in broad daylight.

The statue is one of a pair — a female elephant without tusks that matches a male with tusks.

The two concrete creatures sit on opposite sides of the front stairway to her home and are fixture in Croston's neighborhood.

"They were a housewarming gift from my sister when I moved in in 2013," she said. "A lot of my neighbors have reached out saying their kids are sad it's missing."

According to Croston, the theft happened sometime on Valentine's Day between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Her longtime mail carrier had been at the house at 2 p.m. and did not notice the elephant gone, which leads Croston to believe it was removed sometime between then and when she got home.

"I looked around and was sort of perplexed what happened," said Croston. "There was nothing — no tracks, no footprints."

After she determined it wasn't a prank by someone she knew and found out her neighbors hadn't seen anything suspicious, she called police, who have been investigating since and have posted about the incident on Facebook.

"That actually helps us out in some of these cases," said Mark Waltz, commander with the Brunswick Police Department. "It's kind of a unique object and we're hoping that someone may see it."

Over the weekend, Croston put up flyers saying, "Have you seen my elephant?"

She's also crafted her own Craiglist and Facebook posts asking for information and has set up an anonymous tip email,, for anyone who wants to write her about the statue's whereabouts.

"I really just want it back at this point," she said. "I want my pair to be complete."

Brunswick Police are also asking anyone with information about the elephant to contact them at 207-721-4319 or by email at

According to the police department, the theft is considered a Class E felony.

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