Healthcare Worker Critical After Dog Attack

A 56-year-old healthcare worker is in critical condition after being attacked by dogs in Plainfeld, Connecticut, on Wednesday morning

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Brittany Allen

A 56-year-old healthcare worker is in critical condition after being attacked by dogs in Plainfeld, Connecticut, on Wednesday morning.

Police said Lynne Denning, 56, of Canterbury, was viciously attacked by two-to-four dogs at 379 Putnam Road, in the Wauregan Village, of Plainfield at 11 a.m., while she was caring for an elderly patient at the home.

The dogs attacked her face, chest, arms and legs, police said, and Dennings was rushed to William W. Backus Hospital in Norwich, then immediately transferred to Hartford Hospital, where she remains in critical condition.

The woman who owns the dog and a man were able to secure the dogs so medical personnel could treat Denning, police said.

"I was just in shock. I think all of us were in shock for a very long time," said Brittany Allen.
Allen says her family can't explain why their dogs attacked a healthcare worker Wednesday morning. Five Rottweiler's and one Labrador were in the Putnam Road Home at the time.

"There was only two upstairs with [the healthcare workers] when she was caring for my grandmother. She was playing with the dogs, and it happened very suddenly. It was very quick," said Allen, who owns one of the Rottweilers and whose older sister owns the other four.

Allen says what the animals did is completely out of character. She describes them as friendly show dogs, but not all neighbors agree.

"They say they're show dogs, but they are very aggressive as far as I'm concerned," said neighbor Vincent Longo.

Longo says the Rottweilers occasionally get loose and have attacked animals, one time going after his own dog.

"They attacked him, and we had to take him to the vet and stitch him up," said Longo.

Back in September neighbors say they called police after hearing screaming outside.

"We've been there when [the Allen's] dog attacked another dog, but it's not a consistent problem that we are going out there to. According to the owner they're not that vicious, but clearly they were today," said Plainfield Police Captain Mario Arriaga.

Allen says the victim has been caring for her grandmother for several months at the home and has encountered the dogs previously with no issue. They say they're hoping Denning makes a full recovery.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with Lynne, and that's our concern, is everything is okay with her. There's no excuse for what happened here today," said Allen.

Six dogs were seized from the home, including five Rottweilers and one Labrador.

They are being quarantined at the Plainfield Animal Shelter and will remain there for the next 14 days, pending an investigation. At this time no charges have been filed.

The Plainfield Police Department and the Plainfield Animal Control are investigating.

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