Middletown Dog Stranded on Island Reunited With Owner

A Middletown dog was reunited with its owner after going missing and then being found stranded on an island.

Sophie is blind, diabetic and has a thyroid problem, but on Friday, she and her owner didn't have a care in the world.

"I already was having a mental funeral for my dog because she was gone, and I was never getting her back," Sophie's owner Marcus Keilch said.

Keilch said Sophie disappeared Wednesday night when he let her out in his backyard.

"I came out to get her, and she's not there," Keilch said. 

Keilch posted photos of his dog on Facebook, asking anyone if they'd seen her.

Almost a day later, firefighters said she was found on an island. 

"There was a dog sitting on an island," said Middletown South Fire District firefighter Jason Hurlbot.

Hurlbot was part of the crew that rescued the lost and lonely pup from an island in a nearby stream.

"I thought she would jump into the water, because when I was calling the dog's name, it was excited someone was there," said Hurlbot.

"It's just one of those calls that makes people's days, because dogs are basically somebody's family," said Hurlbot.

For Keilch, Sophie has been a family member for nine years.

"I didn't think I was ever going to see her again. We all thought that," said Keilch.

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