Cooler Weather Takes Hold

With all the ingredients in place for severe weather today, you think you'd see more threatening skies than mere fair weather clouds and sunshine.

Instead, the less humid air shuffled in and cut the knees out of most of the storm potential this afternoon and evening. We had to wait until late day for the cold front to force the air to rise and pop a few downpours and isolated storms.

I guess a watched pot never boils. When we most anticipate the storms, they don't come. As I've stated before (on another blog, of course) there are several ingredients that have to come together to make a storm. If you don't have them all, you can be left with sun & clouds instead.

Tomorrow the threat is a little smaller, but the idea here is that there is a greater threat for hail in any storms that form. The cold air in the upper atmosphere will lower the freezing level, making it easier for hail to form and survive the trip to the ground.

Cool air shifts into New England for the long range. We muster a small warmup on Saturday, only to be slapped back down into the 60s early next week. It's a wholesale pattern change across the East, and one that shows little sign of easing anytime soon.

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