Country Club Avoids Injuries During Severe Summer Storm

Concord, Mass. Country Club says technology helped alert them to the powerful thunderstorm

The powerful summer storm brought along some dicey moments on the 18th hole of the Concord Country Golf Club in Massachusetts.

When the storm rolled though, the country club says they had to tell people outside to immediately seek shelter. After the storm, a huge tree was uprooted from the roots. Another one was split along the branches.

Part of the awning from the clubhouse was also ripped off, and a bench was knocked over from the winds.

In nearby Lexington, it was a similar situation. Heather Thompson-Ryan says she was on the back deck of her Percy Road home with her son when, in an instant, the weather suddenly changed.

"It was very scary, it was wildly scary," said Thompson-Ryan.

She said the umbrella on the table even lifted up. The summer storm left a wire down in her driveway, and her backyard was also littered with tree branches.

Other neighbors say whatever type of storm came through, it was a nasty one, even taking off the tops of their trees. Branches littered Highland Avenue in Lexington.

Luckily, at the Concord Country Club no one was injured.

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