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3 Arrests After Cranston Officer Assaulted, Run Over By ATV

The ATV riders are facing a variety of criminal charges, such as felony assault on a police officer, possession of cocaine, reckless driving and eluding a police officer in a high-speed pursuit


Three people have been arrested after an incident police said involved an officer being pushed, surrounded, and run over while responding to dozens of recklessly driven motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles.

About 30 motorcycles and ATVs were speeding and weaving in and out of traffic Friday afternoon before one of the drivers dropped her motorcycle in the middle of the road to block traffic, police said.

Shyanne Boisvert, 23, of North Providence is accused of pushing the officer who approached her on foot, and as he handcuffed her, several others circled him in a threatening manner, police said.

Eduardo Rivera, 33, of Warwick, is accused of running over the officer's legs with his ATV before fleeing and later crashing into a cruiser.

Kemoni Mitchell, 22, of Providence, is accused of leading police on a chase and striking a passing car.

The individuals are facing a variety of criminal charges, such as felony assault on a police officer, possession of cocaine, reckless driving and eluding a police officer in a high-speed pursuit, according to a statement released by Police Chief Michael Winquist.

Police say the officer was on duty in a marked patrol car on New Year's Day when he discovered a group of approximately 30 motorcycles and all terrain vehicles driving recklessly on Atwood Avenue. According to the officer, the drivers were operating their vehicles without regard for the public by speeding in and out of traffic and ignoring traffic signals.

When the officer attempted to stop a driver who had blocked traffic on Atwood Avenue with her vehicle, the driver -- later identified as 23-year-old Shyanne Boisvert -- allegedly pushed the officer. The officer was attempting to take Boisvert into custody by kneeling in the roadway to handcuff her when other ATV drivers began to circle him, Winquist said.

One of the riders allegedly struck the officer while riding over the back of his legs. Additionally, another rider smashed out the back window of the police cruiser, Winquist said.

The man who struck the officer with his ATV was identified as 33-year-old Eduardo Rivera. He was identified based on a description provided by the injured officer, according to Winquist.

NBC10 Boston and NECN have not independently confirmed the police account of the incident.

Rivera fled the scene as officers attempted to arrest him, resulting in a pursuit through Johnston and Providence. At the intersection of Thornton Street in Johnston, Rivera's ATV became disabled after crashing into the side of a Cranston police cruiser. Rivera then allegedly abandoned his ATV and jumped on the back of an ATV being driven by 22-year-old Kemoni Mitchell, Winquist said.

Police pursued the ATV driven by Mitchell into Providence. Mitchell eventually lost control of the vehicle on Union Avenue, striking a passing car, according to Winquist. Both Mitchell and Rivera attempted to flee on foot but were eventually caught and taken into custody by police.

Mitchell was found to be in possession of a small amount of cocaine and marijuana at the time of his arrest.

Several police officers suffered minor injuries while chasing Mitchell and Rivera on foot, Winquist said. Mitchell is currently being treated at Rhode Island Hospital for a cut on his hand, which authorities believe he sustained while scaling a fence during the on-foot pursuit.

Winquist said cities across the country have been dealing with the dangers of reckless and illegal operation of all-terrain vehicles on public roadways.

"Law enforcement cannot turn a blind eye and allow these operators to take over our city and town streets through intimidation and assaultive behavior,'' he said in a statement.

Boisvert, Mitchell and Rivera were scheduled to be arraigned Friday evening at Cranston Police Headquarters, according to Winquist. It was unclear Saturday whether the three suspects were represented by attorneys.

The injured officer was released from the hospital Friday night, according to a Saturday update from Winquist. The officer will continue his recovery at home and is expect to return to work in the near future.

NBC10 Boston/The Associated Press
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