Damage Left Behind After Tornado Hits

A twister touched down in Worcester, Mass. Sunday

Residents and city officials in Worcester, Massachusetts, are cleaning up after an EF-0 tornado touched down Sunday night.

One trained storm spotter who lives nearby had his eyes to the skies as he watched it unfold.

Michael Roescher of SKYWARN said he was home watching weather forecasts when what he thought was going to be a quiet evening took a turn as he started to notice debris come flying past his Vernon Hill home.

"The quicker real information gets out, the faster it can get to the people and get them safe," said Roescher. "I can see what I believe is rotation."

Roescher's rooftop weather camera captured incredible images Sunday. The National Weather Service confirmed the twister touched down in the area between 8:10 and 8:14 p.m.

Monday, cleanup efforts are underway. Many are thankful that most of the damage was from downed trees and branches, and that no one was seriously injured.

But Roescher says that despite being trained for weather events, experiencing them is still unnerving.

"The sound of the wind is ominous," he said.

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