Microburst Confirmed in Haverhill, Massachusetts

Thousands lose power in New Hampshire

The National Weather Service confirmed that a microburst touched down in Haverhill, Massachusetts on Monday afternoon, spitting trees in two and completely uprooting others. The storm brought with it intense lighting and winds.

Across parts of New England, power outages and property damage were reported as strong storms and a reported tornado hit the area Monday afternoon.

A meteorologist near New Sweden, Maine, confirmed a tornado moving east in the area, according to necn's Michael Page.

Officials at the Haverhill Country Club in Massachusetts tell necn about 100 people were safely evacuated from its golf course and pool when sirens warned of the approaching storm. The storm, which brought hail, wind and rain for about 10 minutes, took down at least 50 trees.

My wife heard a loud bang," said Steven Hart. "The power went out."

Across the city, the quick moving storm left a big mess in seconds.

"My yard is like a bomb blew up in it," said Ken Haskell.

Resident Marie Bouchard is one of the many residents who was shaken up by the pounding hail, wind and rain.

"I ran out the back door and I saw the trampoline go flying, ran to the kitchen, saw the tree coming down," said Bouchard. "It was so scary. I'm screaming for my son. I didn't know what to do."

In Wellesley, Massachusetts, officials reported a tree into a house on Dewey Path and damage at the Dana Hall Campus on Dana Road.

In Quincy, Massachusetts, a lightning strike caused an attic fire at a home on Hancock Street. Many trees were down in other neighborhoods.

Residents on Arnold Road told necn they're thankful no one was in the driveway when a tree came crashing onto their house.

"You have to put it in perspective, but it's a little shocking to come home to," said homeowner Peggy Mansfield.

In Plaistow, New Hampshire, the storm also did a lot of damage, bringing down trees and telephone poles.

As of 11 p.m. in Massachusetts, there were 1,122 people without power and 2,103 without power in New Hampshire. The hardest hit was Maine with 6,295 people still in the dark.

There have been no reports of any injuries so far.

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