Damp and Dreary, But Beautiful Ahead

We will see high temperatures warm back up into the mid to upper 60s south / low 60s north, and at least we will see peeks of sunshine at times on Monday. The more sun we see Monday, the better chance for a storm to pop-up, again, mainly into southwestern New England. Then, drier conditions move in by Tuesday and continue through Thursday.

However, next weekend remains uncertain. We are still keeping an eye on Hurricane Matthew, as this powerful storm barrels right towards western Haiti and eastern Jamaica. As of earlier this morning, at 8 a.m., Matthew is still a Cat. 4 with sustained winds of 150 MPH and gusts up to 185 mph. Haiti is preparing for the worst as not only will they get the brunt of the storm with major hurricane-force winds, they will also likely receive 10-15” of rain and at the most, some areas could see upwards of 40” (yes, forty inches) of rainfall. Then, Matthew will continue his path north towards Turks & Caicos and the Bahamas before shifting slightly NW as a Cat. 2 by the end of the week well off the coast of Florida.

Weather models are still bringing Matthew up along the eastern seaboard, but remaining out to sea. The necn weather team is tracking the latest updates, but it is still debatable as to where Matthew will be steered out to sea away from New England or will he impact New England next weekend? That’s the question that still remains to be determined as we track Matthew and the weather set-up by midweek. Stay tuned, but it always helps to have a plan in place ahead of a storm.

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