New Hampshire

Death of Woman Found in NH Home After Pizza Delivery Revealed

A concerned pizza delivery driver called police on a house for a welfare check and officials found the body of an 87-year-old woman

Authorities in New Hampshire say the death of a woman at a home police visited for a welfare check was likely due to a medical issue.

Police went to the home in Salem earlier this month after getting a concerned call from a pizza shop. A man at the house had been ordering food from the business on a regular basis, but a deliveryman said he would only accept it through a window. The deliveryman also noticed blood on the man.

Police said the scene inside the house was one of the worst hoarding situations they had seen. They found the body of 87-year-old Florence Cotter.

The attorney general's office said Tuesday an autopsy showed her death was likely due to a medical issue, and not the result of criminal activity.

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