December Slowly Takes Hold

Well, I hope you enjoyed the soiree in the 50s. There is colder air coming in for the weekend, and the overall shift to colder times has begun.

A west wind will turn more northwest overnight as a cold front slices through. There are snow showers and flurries with this front, and those will cross through Northern New England overnight. This will transport the colder air in for the weekend, but as we have been stressing in previous blogs, this is hardly true December cold.

Highs in the 40s? What's that like? Well, that's where we should be for this time of year. To be exact, our normal high in Boston is 46, in Worcester it's 41. We will actually dip below those values on Sunday. (Gasp!)

The pattern is about to undergo a major change next week. While a few weather system make runs at us, they don't seem to have enough moisture or strength to put more than a few flakes, sprinkles or heavy clouds over us....that is, until we get to the middle of the week.

It's then that a more sizeable storm system will swing through with wet weather (and snow to the north) and a lot of upper atmospheric energy. This is what turns the pattern colder and keeps it cold into next weekend.

Have a great weekend and GO PATS!!!

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