‘Do Not Drive to Salem': City Says There's No Parking Available

In the first nine days of October, 276,000 people have visited Salem, Massachusetts, city data shows; just 164,000 visited in the first nine days of last October

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The city of Salem is advising travelers that there is no parking available in the city as Garages, lots, and satellite lots are full.

The city is urging visitors to take the MBTA Commuter Rail if traveling to Salem.

"There are no parking spaces available in Salem. All lots, garages, and spaces are now filled, including satellite parking lots. Many downtown roads are now closed to traffic. Do not drive to Salem.", said city officials in a statement.

October is known to be the busy season in Salem, Massachusetts, as throngs of people flock to Witch City each year ahead of Halloween. But with crowds growing to frightening sizes this month, city officials are asking potential visitors to plan ahead.

Data released Friday by Destination Salem shows that 276,000 people visited the city in October's first nine days — compared to 164,600 in the first nine days of last October.

"This past Saturday alone, nearly 80,000 visitors came to the city," Destination Salem said in a statement.

City Councilor Ty Hapworth is urging people to plan their trips to Salem.

"These numbers are MASSIVE, but not at all surprising to those of us living, working and spending time downtown," Hapworth wrote on Facebook Friday. "IF you are thinking about visiting Salem this October, do not show up on a whim. Have a plan and reservations. If you don't have a plan or reservations, please consider visiting outside of October."

"Most importantly, for the sake of all of us (and for the love of all that is holy) do NOT bring your vehicle," Hapworth wrote. "Please take the MBTA, Salem Ferry or maybe Uber/Lyft in to a walkable distance."

"By planning to use public transportation or satellite parking, visitors will save time, money, and the inevitable frustration experienced when people get stuck in the downtown traffic jams that occur when garages and lots are full and street closures go into effect," Destination Salem wrote in its press release announcing the data.

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