Dodging the Downpours

Gorgeous day again. Nearing 70 for many inland, but the sea breeze kept the numbers in check along the coast.

Tomorrow the sea breeze will aid and abet the development of showers and downpours across Western New England. As the sea breeze backs down in the afternoon, the wet weather will migrate to the coast. Some healthy rain could come down along with small hail. What's really neat about this whole setup tomorrow is how the sea breeze and the upper atmosphere interact. Intially, a super bright day will turn briefly dark and stormy.

Sunshine returns on Friday with a pleasant wind from the west. Despite that, the sea breeze may return along the coast in the afternoon.

Saturday starts bright, but a brewing coastal storm (some may label it a nor'easter) cruising up the Eastern Seaboard will throw afternoon clouds our way. Showers may arrive in Southwestern Connecticut late day or evening, but the wetdown for the rest of Southern New England should hold off until late Saturday night.

Issue on Sunday: how fast will the storm depart? Track shows it pushing offshore in the early afternoon, which could bring the sun back to Western New England (but also pop up a renegade shower), but if the storm lollygags, then we're in for a cool, wet upper-50s kind of day. Either way, the brunt of the storm will be felt in Southern New England, while Northern New England stays mostly dry from the Lakes to the Mountains.

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