New Hampshire

Dozens of Malnourished Animals Seized From So-Called Animal Sanctuary in New Hampshire

Many of the animals did not have food or water

Dozens of animals were rescued from horrendous conditions in a so-called animal sanctuary in New Hampton, New Hampshire.

Some animals did not survive the alleged abuse they endured at the White Gate Critter Sanctuary, and most of the animal residents were malnourished and many did not have food or water, according to New Hampton police officials.

The owners, 28-year-old Edith Daughen and 30-year-old Nicholas Torrey, were arrested and each charged with 44 counts of animal cruelty.

Cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, chickens, reptiles and other animals were seized during the arrest.

Live and Let Live Farm Rescue, a Chichester-based animal shelter, took in 30 of the malnourished animals, saying that some dogs and cats were given to North Hampton's contracted humane society, and shared the photos on its Facebook page.

According to Live and Let Live Farm Rescue, rescue operations started late July, and that they've taken in nearly 60 animals.

It's unclear if Daughen and Torrey have attorneys or when they'll be arraigned.

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