Drought Deepens, Heat Surges

Drought Deepens, Heat Surges

Today's issue of the Drought Monitor paints a bleak picture across most of Southern New England. Severe, long term drought has rooted itself in most of Massachusetts, Southernmost NH, and most of Southern Maine. Rainfall deficits continue to grow as communities restrict water and crop losses mount.

In the forecast, the story remains the same: fleeting chances at passing storms. While any rain is good, thunderstorms remain low on the list for providing beneficial rain. Often, the water ends up in the storm drain rather than the water table. In fact, heavy runoff can rob us of up to 40%-50% of the total available rainfall! 

Hot weather is taking over for a couple of days. This isn't an extended hot spell, however, as cooler air arrives by Sunday morning. The humidity will drop as well as a new, fresh airmass arrives from the north.

We'll do it all over again next week with sunshine and gradual warming. Next chance at runoff - er, storms - will be toward the end of the week.

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