Dry Weather Still Holding

Welcome to the new norm of afternoon highs in the 70s!

Well, at least if you're a safe distance from the coast, that is. The sea breezes will return tomorrow in earnest. And we're certainly not shaking the clouds anytime soon.

Wednesday's weather is similar to today, with another run at 70 or better away from the coast. High clouds stream overhead as another weather system is steered far to our south. Thursday is also another nice day, but with a pool of cool air spinning overhead, we can't rule out the chance for a few downpours to flare up - first in Western New England in the afternoon, then into Eastern New England by evening. Since they are arriving so late, I'm not sold on the idea of anything major. In fact, many may fade out before reaching the coast.

Friday sees us return to summery warmth before we face the conundrum of the weekend: to rain or not to rain.

Definitely something there. Storm to the south, winds turning northeast. Already I've put showers in the Sunday forecast. I just haven't washed the day out...yet. If this storm system tracks any closer, it will douse us with rain and sink our temperatures.

We'll keep watching the trends, while you try and fit everything in on Saturday.

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