Dryness Aside, It's Gorgeous

It was the weather system that "coulda woulda and shoulda"...but never did.

We were hoping for a soaking today. Instead we came away with a handful of clouds and a nice summer day.

With the pattern in a semi-stall over the next three days, what you see is what you get (minus the showers in Eastern Maine). Highs hover in the 80s away from the coast, while the sea breezes keep us in the 70s at the beaches and throughout the Cape/Islands.

While we're doing backflips over the nice weather, the drought continues to deepen in New England. Moderate drought has now expanded to include all of Northeastern Massachusetts and much of Southern NH and Maine. We're between 3 and 5+ inches in the hole across much of New England and now have to rely on random downpours and storms to make it up.

Few of those may be in order by Tuesday and Wednesday of next week, as the humidity climbs and a front stalls overhead. We'll see how it unfolds.

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