Efforting the Rain


Yawn. Here it comes again. Another cool front with showers for the latter half of the weekend.

But wait. Something's different here.

Like SO many times in the past several months, an approaching cold front had us picking straws to see who would get the 5, 10, 45 min. downpour. Many were left with feelings of rain envy, while others had semi moist soil (but no drought relief) for a couple of days.

This time around, the front is slowing down as it approaches New England. This buys us time to allow moisture to congregate and eventually get smeared along the front, juicing it up and bring us more than just a passing shower.

Yes, hopes are high. Anticipation is building. Fall foliage hangs in the balance. Reservoirs wait for the runoff.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. This isn't a drought buster. It's more of a soil enhancer. We will need dozens of events like this. Although this is a step in the right direction.

Humidity will be on the rise through the weekend. Temperatures will level off near 80 on both days as the south winds bring in the high dew point air. Sunday looks like the best day for rain in Western New England, while Monday looks like the best day for Eastern New England. At stake: close to an inch for some, with others near 2" in any recurrent downpours.

Certainly worthy of dancing in the streets. Have a great weekend.

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