Family of James Foley: He Died a Hero

Diane and John Foley, family of journalist ISIS killed, addressed the media outside their Rochester, NH home

The parents of executed American journalist James Foley's the media Wednesday with tears in their eyes.

His mother Diane Foley said, "We just had no idea..."

" much he affected the world, he lived in such a positive way," his father John Foley added, completing his wife's thoughts.

"So we’re truly humbled that Jim was our son. We’re so, so proud of Jim," Diane continued.

Foley's family said he died while pursuing his passion, calling him a martyr for humanizing the struggles and suffering in war-torn nations.

"He’s finally free," John said, breaking down, "and we know he’s in God’s hands, and we know he’s in heaven."

After being held captive for nearly two years, the Rochester, New Hampshire-native, eldest of five siblings and beloved son was killed in a graphic video purportedly made by ISIS to punish America for its involvement in Iraq.

"And you know from the video his last words were 'I wish I had more time to see my family,'" John said.

His family said they had tried to persuade Jim to not return to the Middle East, especially after he was held hostage in Libya for six weeks in 2011.

"I said 'Oh honey,' he’d been in and out all year to Syria and 'Oh Jim, just stay home' he said 'Oh Mom, I must go back, there’s just too many stories I have to finish, I’ll be home for Christmas,'" Diane recounted.

He never returned home; Foley was captured outside an internet café in Syria on Thanksgiving Day 2012.

Instead of holding hatred inside, his family takes solace in his accomplishments and the fact that he’s no longer suffering.

"His last hope was to be with family again, at some point we’ll be together," his brother Michael said.

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