Feasting On Clouds for Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving Eve. And judging by the lack of evening traffic jams, most of you are snuggled in for the holiday.

So what about the weather? Snow or rain? Clouds or sun? Mashed potatoes or stuffing? Clinton or Tru...

OK, I won't go there.

I can frame tomorrow's weather with one sentence: heavy on the clouds and chill, light on the snow and rain showers.

In fact, the greatest chance for accumulation will remain in Central/Northern Vermont and New Hampshire. Elsewhere, it's a passing flurry and a lot of scattered showers by afternoon, commencing about the time the food coma sets in.

That's phase one of the holiday weekend weather. Phase two is a damp - but not washed out - Black Friday. Perfect for shopping (for me). The last of the showers from that system won't exit until Saturday as they head into the
Gulf of Maine and grow into a bigger storm.

Which is really the weather topic of the holiday weekend. This storm has been a moving target over the last few days, but it seems like it will tap enough cold to give accumulating snow for Eastern and Northern Maine. Amounts will vary, but a solid 3-6 seems to be in play for Saturday night and Sunday. Some spots may see more if the storm curves into New Brunswick instead of continuing to Nova Scotia.

We'll have more on that through the course of the weekend. In the meantime, enjoy the holiday, hold your tongue, have a 2nd piece of pie for me and please drive safely!

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