Feeling The Heat

A little setback for the heat today. Boston only came in at 69, while Lawrence saw 78. Even a bit cooler in Hartford, where we came within one degree of an official heat wave.

Don't worry, though. The heat is down but not out.

In fact, tomorrow will be a super sizzler with highs topping 90 in many spots across Southern New England. The humidity will be climbing as well, so expect it to feel like mid and upper 90s!! Seek someplace cool and limit your outdoor activities in the afternoon.

Relief will come swiftly on Sunday as the winds turn in from the east and northeast. I'd like to call it a back door front, but it's really an old front that sags into Central New England by afternoon. It may trigger storms - but many of them will be in Western New England. Watch out in the Berkshires, some of them will be gully washers (big rain makers).

Which brings us to the topic of the weekend. What's to come of the newly formed Tropical Depression Two? Rain? Downpours? Thunder? Maybe all of the above. Timing this thing out is difficult at best, but I'm not terribly concerned with the track at this point. The plume of tropical moisture is of greater importance as it streams north into New England. All told, at least 1-2 inches of rain is possible as the remnants of this system are flung into New England.

Be safe this weekend. Please watch for pedestrians, bikes and motorcycles! And remember, the holiday is not just about barbeques and a three day weekend.

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