‘Felony Lane Gang' Strikes Again in New England

The group has broken into vehicles all over the country

"The Felony Lane Gang" famous for breaking into cars and stealing cash, credit cards, and identification, strikes again in New England.

The Natick, Massachusetts Police Department alerted drivers to the break-ins after they received several reports from nearby communities.

According to the police department, the gang is made up of over 800 members who travel across the country, specifically along the eastern coast, to break into cars and steal personal items and money.

The gang members are specifically after identification, cash, credit cards, and checkbooks.

After using the cash and credit cards the gang members use the identification to drain the victim's bank accounts.

The police department asked drivers to be vigilant in parking lots, specifically those outside gyms, daycare centers, and public parks where people are prone to leaving their purses and wallets inside the car.

They also urged drivers not to leave their personal belongings where they are visible in their cars and always lock the car.

The Lee, New Hampshire Police Department also put out an alert to drivers after an incident at a shopping plaza.

Both departments urged drivers to be vigilant and report any break-ins or suspicious activity to the police department. 

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