Finally Some Rain!

Well, it's a start.

While isolated spots saw rain today, many others were teased with clouds...or even splashes of sun.

Western and Northern New England were closer to the action zone - namely a cool front - that was slowly drifting eastbound. Tomorrow that front will be over Eastern New England - namely Augusta, Portland, Portsmouth, Boston and Providence, giving us a shot at some threatening weather in the afternoon.

That threat is not a great one, and there will still be some who come away with little more than a sprinkle - or in some cases a big bag of nothing - BUT there's at least a chance...and that's better than what we had yesterday.

Most of the storms that pop in the afternoon hours tomorrow should behave themselves, but there's a slight risk they could become severe. Keep your eyes peeled for threatening skies anytime after noon.

Refreshing air will return late week as the front clears New England. Skies will be nice and blue and the temperatures will be warm. An offshore flow means  sea breezes are out and the beaches will be toasty. Stake your claim on the sand early.

Weekend is still looking fine and dry...slight risk of an afternoon storm Saturday, otherwise get planning!

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