Fire Breaks Out in a Lumber Yard in Kingston, New Hampshire

A lumber yard in Kingston, New Hampshire caught on fire early Saturday morning.

50 firefighters from 20 different towns responded to Northland Forest Product as it was engulfed in flames just after 1 a.m.

The call to the fire department was made by a passerby, as there were no employees inside of the building.

The drought conditions had an impact on the flames.  Due to the recent dry conditions, Kingston's natural water resources are depleted, requiring the use of water tankers.

It's believed that a firefighter suffered heat exhaustion and subsequently taken to a local hospital and released.  No other injuries have been reported.

The air quality in the area is fine, however, the flames are still there, and are likely to be there all day.

The estimated damage to the four to five buildings affected is in the millions.

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