Firefighters Injured, House Destroyed in Merrimac Fire

Three firefighters were injured battling a fire in Merrimac, Massachusetts that destroyed a house, according to officials.

Fire departments from around the region, including the state's wildfire control arrived at a house on Skunk Road in Merrimac on Sunday afternoon to take out a fire that authorities say threatened power lines in the area.

The threat to power lines came from brush and wood that caught fire early on. Officials said that if those spreading flames weren't caught in time, they could have created a blackout in the area, and damaged more property close by.

According to officials, many of the region's fire departments were short-staffed Sunday, coupled with water supply issues the firefighters faced as well. Despite the lack of staff, officials are expecting crews to stay at the scene into the night to manage the wreckage and investigate the cause of the fire.

The three injured firefighters were taken to a hospital nearby. Of the three injured, authorities said that one of the injuries stemmed from a heart-related emergency.

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