FIRST ALERT: Northern New England Travel to Be Impacted by Snow, Wintry Mix

A storm bringing a brief wintry mix, but mostly rain to southern New England this weekend, will bring snow and a wintry mix to much of northern New England.

The precipitation will settle in very late Saturday night and very early Sunday. Any of the wintry mix in southern New England will be very short-lived, before warmer air flips things over to rain for much of Sunday.

Across northern New England, in particular, northern Vermont, northern New Hampshire, and much of central and northern Maine, most of the storm will fall as snow or a wintry mix.

As the storm pulls away on Monday, upslope mountain snow will continue.

This will slow travel to and from northern New England for the second half of the weekend, just as many families move around for school vacation week.

Right now, accumulations look most significant in the mountains of northern and western Maine, where 6-to-9-inches is expected. Parts of the White Mountains will also fall into this range.

In the Green Mountains of Vermont, the Northeast Kingdom, and the rest of northern New Hampshire 3-to-6-inches is expected as of now.

The valleys of Vermont, southern New Hampshire, and coastal Maine will see more like 1-to-3-inches.

Far southern New England, where that wintry mix is short lived, a dusting-1 inch of snow is possible before the turn to rain.

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