First Pops of Fall Foliage Arrive, But Peak Still a Few Weeks Away

A warm start to September means it has been a somewhat slow start to foliage season in New England, but splashes of color are now showing up.

Low color is being reported in parts of Northeastern Vermont, far Northern New Hampshire, and Central and Northern Maine.

Elsewhere conditions are still primarily green.

As cooler weather arrives this weekend, more and more color will start showing. Foliage is driven by cool mornings followed by sunny days. The change in daylight also plays a role.

Peak foliage typically arrives during the last week of September in extreme Northern New England. This year may be just a touch later due to the mild weather lately.

Across much of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine you could expect the peak to arrive in early to mid-October.

By mid-to-late October, peak color will sneak into Western Massachusetts.

The rest of Southern New England typically peaks in late October or early November.

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