Fleeting Cold

Another day in the 60s for Greater Boston. Cooler air hustled in up north however, as temperatures failed to hit 50 in many spots.

We'll smear that cold all across New England tonight as temperatures fall back to the 20s and 30s. Tomorrow, despite several sunny breaks, highs will only make it close to normal on the heels of a steady northwest wind.

Like the title of the blog suggests, there is no reason to believe this cold air will be sticking around either. As early as tomorrow afternoon, the turning of the wind will signal that it's time to bring back the mild air.

Enough of that warmth will linger into Veterans Day to boost us into the upper 50s ahead of a final cold assault on Friday night. That should leave us way down on Saturday as highs struggle to make it back to 50 on a gusty, dry northwest wind.

But here too the cold will relent in time for a marked warmup on Sunday. This particular pattern is a familiar one: warming upper atmosphere, full sunshine, and a steady southwest wind. Wait, that sounds like Tuesday's setup. In fact, it is. And like Tuesday, we should get deep into the 60s. It doesn't stop there, however, as Monday basks in that same mild air. It's then that we may see it spike to 70 in some spots!

Where's the real cold? In Siberia, folks. Without a snowpack in Central Canada, no arctic air is in route to the Lower 48 anytime soon.

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