Full Steam Ahead

Small air boundaries created some big storms today.

I'm talking about feeble sea breezes that formed in Rhode Island and Southeast Mass this afternoon. They gave the atmosphere just enough push to touch off some powerful thunderstorms that turned over sailboats in Warwick and blew down beach signs in Provincetown.

Those storms faded fast, leaving us with more boundaries that may be flash points for tomorrow. Although the chances are small, any storms that form could have gusty winds and brief, torrential rain. Don't cancel any plans, but keep your eyes peeled for threatening weather.

Heat is the other issue. While not as hot as today (96 in Boston was 3 deg. shy of a record), it will still be sweltering with highs in the low 90s in Southern New England tomorrow.

Slightly cooler air arrives on Sunday, but I think we'll have a better chance of seeing a storm - going from 20% tomorrow to a whopping 30% Sunday. Still not enough to get worked up over.

Heat peaks on Monday and Tuesday before we get real, sustained relief by midweek next week. Cross your fingers for some beneficial rain as the front crosses Tuesday night.

Make it a good, safe weekend!

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