Get Your Holiday Travel On

As we head into the holiday weekend, the forecast is getting wordy.

That's not good from a forecasting perspective, because I always worry that the more wordy a forecast is, the harder it is to remember...and understand. However, given the fact that we're forecasting for 6 New England states here, sometimes it's unavoidable.

First up, the weather tomorrow is looking spectacular. Tons of sun, dry roads, lighter winds - what's not to love? Traveling headaches will be limited people who won't stop Snapchatting, post-election bumper stickers, and whole cranberry vs. jellied cranberry disputes, not the roads themselves.

Thanksgiving is different, but still not a headache (unless you're really hitting the eggnog). A burst of light snow will sweep in from the west, coating some spots while spreading flurries elsewhere. As the morning wears on, the snow shrivels and disbands. We'll be left with spotty flakes and, with warmer temps in some spots, sprinkles of rain.

Thanksgiving night, we'll cool off to near freezing, so beware of some black ice in isolated spots through Greater Worcester and Metrowest. Remember "a little dab'll do ya". It doesn't take much to slicken the roads up (Rt. 2, I'm calling you out).

Friday sees the temperatures bumped a little higher, so the issue will be more about liquid precipitation than solid. Still here, we're talking mostly dry, sitting under clouds and leftover turkey sandwiches waiting for a more sizeable storm by nightfall and into Saturday.

This will be an all rain event in Southern New England, so there's no fuss, no muss here. Northern New England will still have some cold left over to see snow in the mountains, where it may accumulation to a few inches in the Whites of New Hampshire and the Longfellows of Maine. 

That too wraps by Saturday night and leaves us in the chilly weather Sunday. (Hey, at least it's sunny.)

So there it is in a nutshell. Not too shabby, but more ifs ands and buts than a room full of ash trays.

Have a great Thanksgiving and safe travels!

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