Getting There

Today was a turning point...of sorts. We managed to shake the dampness for a few hours and break out some sun. Although it wasn't enough to catapult us out of the 50s in Boston - thanks to the east wind - we did manage 60 in Bedford and 63 in Nashua.

Before we break out the party favors, we have to face the fact that more rain has entered Southern New England this afternoon, and is slowly inching north. While I expect most of Northern New England to remain dry, wet weather will continue to fan out across Southern New England.

Once again, this means a cool, showery start to the day tomorrow. As this weather system slowly unravels and decays, there is some hope for afternoon dry and brightening, but I'm hesitant to really pull the trigger on significant clearing.

That might have to wait until the afternoon on Mother's Day as a front crosses and the dry air pushes in from the west. It's at that point that we can talk about a real change in our weather pattern.

Which brings us to the start of next week. Tons of sun and a run for 70 degrees on Tuesday. Was it worth waiting for? Ask the folks in Northern New England who hit the low and mid 70s this afternoon.

(I suspect yes.)

Have a great weekend.

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