Great Timing for The Fourth

Big doings in the weather tonight. A Tornado Watch continues until 10pm for Western New England. Already two separate tornado warnings were issued in Vermont and Connecticut. As of this typing, there was wind damage, but no confirmed tornadoes in either location.

Tornado Watches and warnings are serious business, but the threat for storms is only for tonight, not for the holiday weekend.

As the line of storms progresses east, we're expecting some to weaken thanks to nightfall (lose the heating of the day) and also because of general atmospheric makeup in Eastern New England (i.e. the warmest, most humid air never fully worked into the picture). Nonetheless, there may still be some strong storms and torrential rain possible through 1-2 am tonight.

All of it is gone by morning. Sun and a stiff breeze take over to usher in the new, dry airmass. Tomorrow will be the coolest of the weekend days with highs struggling through the low 70s in Northern New England and just touching the low 80s in Southern New England. Winds will be mixing the cooler air above with the warmer air near the ground, so gusts could top 30 mph in spots in the afternoon.

Rest of the weekend shines...and warms!

Be safe, enjoy yourself and relax!

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