Continued MBTA Issues Worry Riders Ahead of Extended Shutdowns

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"It was just pretty black from what I remember."

About 300 riders of the Green Line were forced to evacuate Friday evening, given no other choice than to walk through the train tunnels to Kenmore or Hynes station, according to officials.

“It just like kind of stopped," said a passenger on the train when power was unexpectedly shut off aboard the train. "There was a really sharp halt then it went black for a little bit and then they continued on and told us to get off.”

The Green Line evacuation comes only a week before the MBTA's plans to shut down the Orange Line for a month for safety upgrades.

A week ahead of the planned shutdown of the Orange Line, the MBTA put out a guide to assist passengers in maneuvering around the shut down of one of Boston's essential subway lines. The guide outlines free shuttle services between Oak Grove and Government Center, along with Forest Hill and Back Bay.

For many though, the offered services aren't enough to accommodate their commutes.

“I’m not going to take the bike, I’m going to take the shuttle & I don’t have no choice," said a frustrated commuter.

“It’s very inconvenient because how am I going to commute from Roxbury to Dedham," said another commuter.

The power problems aboard Boston's essential subway lines have become something many commuters have become well acquainted with.

“Shutting down throws everything out of the loop and slows everything down," said another frequent passenger of the Boston subway system.

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