Harvard University Police Issue Advisory After Armed Robbery

30-year-old Harvard staffer was robbed at gunpoint early Tuesday morning on Church Street near the university

Harvard University Police have issued a "community advisory" following an armed robbery in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

They're now warning incoming students, staffers, and community members to be extra vigilant while walking through the campus and surrounding areas, both during the day and at night.

According to Harvard Police, a university staffer was walking on Church Street near Harvard Square around 2:50 Tuesday morning when he was apparently robbed at gunpoint. Cambridge Police are now handling the matter because it was technically off-campus.

Authorities say the 30-year-old victim was playing pool at Tasty Burger where he befriended two other men, and when he left to walk home, they followed and then robbed him.

"One of the individuals pushes our victim against the wall, and the other one puts what the victim believes is a hard object which he believes is a firearm, puts it against his neck and they take his cell phone, his eyeglasses, his backpack and his wallet and they flee back into Harvard square," Cambridge Police Deputy Supt. Jack Albert said about the scene.

The victim was shaken up, but not injured, and Cambridge Police say they're working on releasing surveillance images of the suspects.

"Be very careful, know who you're talking to, know your surroundings, and if you're not comfortable, if you don't feel like leaving alone, find somebody and walk home with them," Albert said.

Harvard Police say if you suspect you're being followed, avoid dimly lit areas and head for an open store or building. They also say to avoid talking on cell phones, listening to music or walking too close to other people.

Harvard Police urge students, faculty, and staff to use their "urgent number," and store it in their cell phones: 617-495-1212. 

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