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Boston's Days-Long Heat Emergency Begins: ‘Hottest Day Ever'

This is the second heat emergency the City of Boston has declared so far this summer

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The City of Boston's heat emergency kicked in Thursday, a day when the heat set a new record.

The emergency was announced Wednesday, and will continue through Sunday. The city will have its 16 cooling centers open at Boston Centers or Youth & Families all over the Hub.

Libraries are also open to cool off.

The city will have its 16 cooling centers open at Boston Centers or Youth & Families all over the Hub.

The brutal temperatures didn't mean work stopped for many people whose jobs require them to be outside, and there were plenty of them out on Thursday.

"It's definitely blazing out here," said Sean Skerrit, a construction worker. "It's like the hottest day ever."

Workers said sun screen, wet towels on top of heads, lots of water and breaks in the shade helped. Some called it a day early so they'd have enough energy to be back on the job on Friday -- when temperatures could hit 90 degrees again.

During last month's heat wave, Boston EMS saw a 15 to 20% rise in daily 911 calls. Officials urge people to drink plenty of water, and avoid the outside during midday, if possible. Boston Mayor Michelle Wu wants people to remember not to leave anyone or any pets in cars during the heat, and also asks that people check on their neighbors.

“We’re working quickly to make sure all of our Boston residents and families are protected during this week’s extremely hot weather,” Wu said in a statement. "I’m thankful for the many City employees who are preparing for this emergency and will be responding to calls for service throughout our neighborhoods.”

Find information on the 16 cooling centers opening at Boston Centers for Youth & Families facilities across the city, as well as the locations of open pools and splashpads, at boston.gov/heat.

Boston has announced a heat emergency ahead of an extremely hot stretch.

The soaring temperatures are also affecting New Hampshire, where the National Weather Service issued a heat advisory for Thursday afternoon and evening

It's been two weeks since Boston last declared a heat emergency — that was for the mid-July heat wave, and it required the city to extend its initial heat emergency.

"We get into a very dangerous situation for residents — for workers who work outside, the elderly, people with underlying conditions, out littlest children — so we are keeping cooling centers open in the community," Wu said at the time.

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