Heat Moves In

After a weekend that saw a record-tying cold high temperature in Worcester on Saturday (61 was the high...brrr!), we're turning it around at a breakneck pace this week.

Southwest winds will start the warmup tomorrow. Highs will surge back to the mid and upper 80s under full sunshine. Humidity will be lagging at least a day (maybe even two) behind. That's good news if you like (semi) dry heat. But humidity delayed is not humidity denied. When it arrives, it will be oppressive.

However, it also seems to be short-lived as a band of thundershowers moves in during the latter half of the week and the weekend to cool things down.

In the meantime, find someplace cool to take the heat off. Because of the high humidity, the "feels like" temperature will approach 100 degrees by Thursday! At those levels, you are wise to slow down during the heat of the day.

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