Heat Is Back, but Where’s The Rain?


The remnants of Hermine are still doing their thing. Congesting the sky with clouds and singling out a few isolated spots for beneficial rain.

It was an odd thing to sit under a gray sky with occasional showers scooting through my neighborhood this morning. I dug down a couple of inches in the flower beds and the soil was powder dry. So much moisture in the sky, but nothing to wring it out.

As the drought stretches into its 7th month, many are wondering how and when it will end. To be truthful, I don't know. We missed a golden opportunity with Hermine, and without much in the way of wet weather ahead, 7 months will likely turn to 8.

It's the same old story, in fact. Multiple fronts are lining up to our west in the coming days, but as they pass through New England, none hold promise for a soaking rain. They are mostly dry cool fronts with little more than random showers or storms. The only saving grace in the forecast: the sun angle is lower and evaporative processes are slowing. So if we do get rain, it won't bake out of the soil in a day.

Weekend will feature another slight chance of showers Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, otherwise we'll be dry and close to 80 degrees. Much cooler air comes in by the beginning of next week. Some nights may even slip back into the 40s in some suburbs. Fall is certainly giving it the "college try", but I don't think summer is ready to give up yet.

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