Heat Is Out, But Is Hermine In?


Hot days are done for a while with cooler air expected to take charge.

I'm expecting a bright Friday and a bright start to the holiday weekend...that much I know. Longer range, Tropical Storm Hermine is fouling the forecast. Her track - like that of many nor'easters - is highly uncertain for the remainder of the holiday weekend and possibly even into the middle of next week!

But let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. Good to focus on what we do know for now.

Front crossing New England is still mostly dry, but holds some hope for a rumble of thunder or a passing downpour tonight and early tomorrow. During the day tomorrow it will slow to a crawl as it allows Tropical Depression 8 to sail out to sea south of us. It also allows a big area of high pressure to move in to finish off the workweek and start the weekend with cool temps and a little morning chill.

The issue for the long range - and subsequently the track of Hermine - is whether or not this high will move out of the way or block the path of the storm.

If it's blocked, it could drift for days to our south, teasing us with badly-needed rain, and then slowly edging farther away...or even drift back to Cape Hatteras. If it's allowed to come in, we can expect plenty of rain and some wind from Monday into Tuesday...or maybe Wed/Thu if the it's delayed.

Forecast confidence is very low from Sunday on, so don't cancel any plans. If you are heading to the beach, beware of rip currents and high surf into the latter half of the weekend. Even if Hermine doesn't make it up here, her wave sets will.

Stay with us for the latest on the track of this tricky storm.

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