Heat Peaks

Wikimedia Commons

Gorgeous day! Low humidity, tons of sun and steady onshore breezes. What's not to love?

That's the good part of the forecast. The disappointing part is that although storms are possible tomorrow and Thursday, the chances of getting them are small...or almost non-existent.

Once again, the story is unfolding like a tired novel. Fronts approach, the storms are few, and the rain is scanty. Like we've seen for the last several months, tropical moisture is cut off from these fronts, so the they are not efficient rain producers.

Speaking of tropical moisture, there's plenty of that in the Southeast and off the Carolinas right now. Two tropical depressions are spinning in those locations and both seem to be headed in the same direction - offshore. Although the weather models try and sneak the remnants of a potential tropical storm near Cape Cod by Labor Day, I'm not sold just yet. So much to play out in the days to come.

In the meantime, heat builds back into New England tomorrow. Highs surge to near 90 as the humidity inches up. Thursday is the last of the sticky days, as the humidity drops late with a subtle frontal passage. Ironically, the after effects of this gentle front will be felt deep into the holiday weekend with crisp mornings and cool afternoons.

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