Heat Wave, Record Highs Likely for Many


Labor Day may mark the unofficial end of summer, but the key word in that phrase is "unofficial." Summer weather will live on past the holiday, with many New England communities enduring a heat wave while notching record high temperatures.

The weekend heat has already started, with Burlington, Vermont’s high of 90 matching the record high set back in 1945. And that’s just the beginning.

High temperatures on Monday, Labor Day, will be in the upper 80s and low 90s for most cities and towns away from a southwest wind that will keep the South Coast, Cape Cod, the Islands, and Coastal Maine a touch cooler. Record highs for the date are listed below. The year each high was set is listed as well. Records in jeopardy due to today’s warmth are marked with an asterisk.

Worcester, MA: 90 (1945)*
Montpelier, VT: 91 (2007)*
Chicopee, MA: 91 (1943)*
St. Johnsbury, VT: 93 (1945)
Windsor Locks, CT: 93 (2007)*
Burlington, VT: 94 (1945)
Providence, RI: 96 (1983)
Boston, MA: 102 (1881)

Tuesday is likely to be a little bit warmer in Southern New England, with even more towns climbing well into the. It won’t be quite as warm in far Northern New England as a few clouds and even some storms develop during the day. Again, here’s a look at records as they stand.

Bridgeport, CT: 90 (2010)*
Worcester, MA: 91 (2007)*
Montpelier, VT: 92 (1960)
St. Johnsbury, VT: 93 (1960)
Windsor Locks, CT: 95 (2007)*
Boston, MA: 95 (2007)*
Providence, RI: 96 (1945)
Burlington, VT: 98 (1945)

Wednesday will be the last day of the big time heat and humidity, with a high likelihood of many more records being set or tied. Remember, if a city or towns hits 90+ on three consecutive days (Wednesday may be that third day for many), this will become an official heat wave.

Montpelier, VT: 89 (2002)*
Worcester, MA: 90 (1915)*
Boston, MA: 91 (1971)*
Providence, RI: 91 (1971)*
St. Johnsbury, VT: 91 (1960)
Windsor Locks, CT: 91 (2002)*
Burlington, VT: 93 (2002)* 

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