Heat Won't Let Up

Heat Won't Let Up

We're melting in New England. Relentless sun has withered the landscape and sent people scurrying to the beaches, lakes and air conditioning. We officially hit 5 straight days of 90 or warmer in Boston. That brings us to 11 for the year, two shy of normal for the entire warm season.

There's relief in sight! In terms of humidity, that is. Westerly winds will dry out the atmosphere tomorrow, but will also act to keep the highs in the low 90s all across Southern New England. Cooler temperatures are expected farther north, however.

Wednesday is again in the 90s, but a shift in the wind direction could mean cooler temps along the coast. Sea breezes return with the southeast wind, but that also means humidity will be on the rise.

Could squeak out a few thunderstorms on Thursday as a front nears. In fact, the forecast for the latter half of the week is actually hanging on the idea that moisture will cling to this stalling front and provide us with a badly needed shot of wet weather going into the weekend. I'm biting hard on this prospect, not only because I'm seeing it across all the weather models, but also because we desparately need the rain.

Fingers crossed!

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