Heating Up the Hub

Heat is on! We were near 90 in many spots today, and more is in store in the days to come. 

Weather world was all abuzz about the tornadoes that formed in Indiana today. That same front will pass through New England Thursday night and Friday, but I'm not expecting the same outcome. Instead, the song remains the same: scat'd storms with brief downpours. No long, slow soaking in the cards anytime soon.

Fast forward to the dazzler this weekend. High pressure renews the air with lower humidity and pleasant temperatures. Winds will turn more onshore on Sunday, so expect 70s along the coast. Still beach worthy, however, as the water temps are at the highest of the year.

Speaking of beaches and water temperatures, a sizable tropical weather system may have a card to play in the long range. Right now it's called Invest 99L (sounds like something you'd find in your 401k), but later it may be Hermine. And the path brings it close to the United States in 4-5 days. Plenty of scenarios to play out, but we have 16 eyes (8 meteorologists among us) on it as it evolves. We'll keep you up to speed.

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