Heavy Rain on Tap for Part of Father’s Day

The remnants of a tropical storm means heavy rain is expected for Father's Day

fathers day weather

For the past several days, the remnants of what was once Tropical Storm Bill have been slowly working eastward. Sunday is when we face the brunt of Bill's rain, just in time for Father's Day.

As a result, Saturday will definitely be the pick of the two weekend days. Northern New England will enjoy the most sunshine, with clouds gradually thickening during the afternoon. Showers will arrive, but mostly after midnight.

Here's a breakdown of what to expect on Father's Day itself:

Midnight-8 AM: Rain overspreads much of New England, and it becomes more humid.

8 AM-2 PM: This is the time during which rain will be most widespread, and heaviest. Localized flooding will be possible in some downpours, particularly south of the Massachusetts Turnpike. A few thunderstorms are even possible. If you have outdoor activities planned for this time, either make sure you are prepared to be wet or move them inside.

2 PM-5 PM: Maine will still see showers and downpours, but many other parts of New England will start to dry out. Some glimmers of sun may develop, and remember, it will feel very tropical with high humidity and temperatures in the 70s outside of Maine. Although this is our best chance at staying dry, it's one of those days where a brief shower cannot be entirely ruled out.

5 PM-Midnight: Again, most places will stay dry and muggy during this time. However, a secondary line of showers, downpours, and perhaps even a thunderstorm, will develop in northwestern New England. That line will then gradually shift south and east ahead of a cold front. Still, the wet weather will not be as widespread as during the morning hours.

Most communities come away with 0.25-0.75" of rain, but localized towns that experience downpours will see more like 1-2" of rain.

Remember, this rain is still needed. Moderate Drought continues for the Cape, Islands, and South Coast of New England, as well as areas from north and west of Boston up to Manchester, NH and Portland, ME.

Humidity will drop somewhat on Monday behind the cold front that comes through late Sunday, but the day will likely still start with a fair amount of clouds and perhaps a left over shower.

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