Heroic Young Girl Saves Beachgoer's Life

10-year-old girl saved boy from drowning at Sandy Point Beach

A 10-year-old Massachusetts girl is being hailed a hero. She's credited with saving the life of an unconscious four-year-old boy who was in danger of drowning.

Collette Crooks was playing in the waves at Sandy Point Beach on Plum Island, Massachusetts, when she stumbled upon a frightening situation.

Crooks spotted something odd in the water, but wasn't totally sure what it was.

"I thought it was a ball so I didn't do anything," said Crooks.

Crooks moved closer and saw a glimpse of a face. She thought the boys who were playing with her were trying to sneak up and scare her.

She discovered one of the young boys floating in the water on his back with two toys in hand.

"I knew something was wrong because his eyes were underwater, but they were open," said Crooks.

The boy's face was blue, according to Crooks. She removed the boy from the water and immediately ran to seek help.

An ambulance arrived on scene after the boy had begun to cough up water. He started breathing again. He was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Crooks was thrilled to see that the boy was alive. "I was really relieved and really happy."

Crooks has hopes of seeing the boy at the beach again to play.

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