Heroin Overdose Leads to 3 Car Crash

Narcan was needed to revive Stanley Syrek

State Police in Windham, New Hampshire, responded to a three car crash along I-93 north on Friday afternoon. A driver who overdosed on heroin is to blame for the accident.

Stanley Syrek, 53, of Nashua, lost control of his SUV during the overdose. He ultimately crashed into the rear of two other cars after crashing through an off-ramp sign.

Upon arriving at the scene, officials found Syrek unconscious at the wheel. His injuries required immediate medical attention.

EMS workers were unable to revive Syrek with the standard CPR procedure. Narcan was needed to revive him.

Syrek was transported to Holy Family Hospital in Methuan, Massachusetts.

He'll face drug and DUI charges upon release from the hospital. 

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