Holding Back The Rain

Quite a change from yesterday. In both sensible weather and the forecasted weather in the days to come.

Highs soared out of the 20s and 30s this morning and leveled off in the low 60s this afternoon...with some 50s at the coast with the sea breeze.

Speaking of, there's a lot more than that in the days to come. A wholesale east/northeast wind will blow the chill into the region on Friday as a weather system tries to break down high pressure.

I was hoping that this high could "weather the storm" and steer any wet weather far and away from New England. But alas, I was mistaken. Looks like a couple of showers may sneak in late Friday west of Worcester.

And late word from the weather maps this afternoon is that the whole affair will break down and let in the wet weather on Sunday...and Monday. This is a serious shift in the timetable, which had the wet weather late Monday into Tuesday.

Timing aside, the pattern as a whole is turning wetter next week. A few storms may affect us and soak us down from Wednesday on. Certainly a good time to throw down fertilizer and/or grass seed.

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