Holding Back The Warmth

Cool, dry air has played a huge role in our spring weather thus far. Sure, we've had warmups, but they have been few and often fleeting.

No change in that thinking anytime soon. High pressure is sprawled out across the Northeast and Southeast Canada right now. It's allowing the high clouds to stream in overhead, but it also is holding back any warmups thanks to its cool origins over Central Canada.

It's a double-edged sword: we stay dry, but cooler than normal. At least for now. Some strong signals showing up today in the models that suggest we could see a major warmup late next week or next weekend.

In the meantime, the chilly onshore wind continues. Coupled with clouds, it won't feel as warm tomorrow. Highs will struggle to make 50 along the coast, and only climb near 60 elsewhere. A weakening weather system will attempt to bring showers into Western Connecticut and Massachusetts tomorrow evening, but a lot of them should dry up.

We won't be as fortunate on Sunday. After a pleasant Saturday, our high pressure system breaks down, and the rain sweeps in by mid-morning. What's worse is the wind off the water will ensure we stay in the 40s. Good day for pot pie and Netflix.

Long term, we offer hope that we'll finally spring out of this cool pattern and bring on some semblance of summer next week. And although The Architect from The Matrix has his doubts:

"Hope, it is the quintessential human delusion, simultaneously the source of your greatest strength, and your greatest weakness."

I chose to believe it.

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