Hot Streaks Continue

We're really in the hot zone now. 6 days of 90+ in both Boston and Hartford with at least two more to go. If we make it to 90 or better on Thursday in Boston it will be one day shy of the record 9 days set back in July of 1912! Hartford will tie for 3rd place.

Chances are excellent that we hit those 90s in the days to come. Heat is not relenting, and the sun will toast us each afternoon. 

Looking north, there are signs that a stalled front will get a kick in the pants and drop south into New England Friday, and combined with some moisture heading north, there's a chance at seeing some badly needed rain. The models have been jumpy on this, with difficulty in both timing and placement. I'm not seeing a washout at this point, but if we can put together something significant, it could mean several hours of rain for some.

Or it could be more of what we've seen this summer - the haves and have nots - where some are hit and others get a few sprinkles.

We have our eyes on that and the searing heat.

Keep cool and carry on.

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