Ice Cream Cone Weather in Store for Thursday

Beautiful warm weather is in store for Thursday with highs into the 70s for most!

Thursday morning most of us will wake up to cool temperatures in the 50s.

During the day, however, high pressure to our south will pump mild air in from the southwest & temperatures will soar into the 70s across the interior and near 70 along the coast.

Unlike the last several days, the wind will be strong enough to prevent sea breezes from developing along on the east coast which means Boston should get into the 70s as well.


That breezy southwest flow will keep the south coast & the Cape & Islands cooler in the 60s.

The first part of the day will be full sunshine, but as that milder air continues to stream in, cloud cover will start to take over late afternoon.

Friday will also be mild with highs in the 70s, but it will come with periods of rain during the afternoon and evening & even the chance of an embedded thunderstorm.

So, this has our team talking as it'll be ice cream cone weather on Thursday.


When I mentioned to Brian Shactman and Michael Page that pistachio is my favorite, they looked at me like I had two heads and said that was too wild for them. Melody Mendez agreed with me that she loves that flavor.

To put this to rest once and for all, Melody went out and bought some pistachio ice cream, and the verdict -- they now like it!

Do any of you like different flavors or do you go for the standard chocolate and vanilla??

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