Isolated Damaging Storms Possible Tuesday

There are scattered showers and isolated damaging storms in New England's Tuesday forecast.


We sure could use some rain to help wash away the pollen. Here in the necn rain gauge we have only had .08 inches of H2O so far in May. The temperature has been above normal just about every day this month also, running about 6° above normal per day in May.

There is rain in our Tuesday forecast.

Early in the day we have fog with scattered showers that could slow the commute. By mid day a band of scattered showers perhaps moderate, will be pushing off the coast. The afternoon features sun and clouds with warmer weather, high in the 70s. A weather front from the west will trigger scattered heavy thunderstorms between 4 and 8 PM. Isolated damaging storms are possible with lightning and hail, winds may gust pass 55 mph in fast moving scattered storms. Behind the front, Wednesday looks breezy, with a high in the 50s North to 60s south and scattered fair-weather clouds.

Thursday should be nice with a high near 70.

A week front from Canada may trigger a shower on Friday, as an intensifying storm moves south of Nantucket late in the day. If the front moves south faster, and the low comes a little closer, we may see some steady rain Friday. But for now it looks mostly dry. Though the tallest mountains of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine will have showers of rain and snow, as high pressure from the north pole moves into Ontario.

That means we have very cold there early Saturday, perhaps with a frost and freeze, lowest temperatures may challenge some record cold readings.

But with plenty of sunshine it looks like a nice Saturday high in the 60s.

Warmer weather should be here for Sunday after a chilly start, high in the lower 70s.

Clouds will increase on Memorial Day Monday, with a chance of rain by late in the day.

A front may stall here on Tuesday and Wednesday, that is our next chance of any helpful rainfall. The early outlook is for 1 to 2 inches of rain possible by Wednesday of next week. 

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